What to Expect When Starting A New Home Construction Project...

Starting a new home construction project is an intimidating process. Our objective is to be thoroughly predictable throughout the duration of your project. The feedback we’ve received from our clients over the years is our ‘key indicator’ allowing us to constantly improve our process. Take a look below at how our new home construction process works.

The first step in the entire new home construction process starts with an email or a phone call. Whether by referral or directly from an interested family thinking about starting a home project. From your very first point of contact, our promise is to promptly respond to your emails, calls and questions. Here’s how we get started…
  1. After contacting us regarding your upcoming new home construction project, we will schedule an initial consultation; in order to gather all information necessary we ask that all ‘decision makers’ are at our first session.

  2. We will meet you at your home on the appointed date. The primary purpose of our first meeting is to listen and gather information regarding both your wish list, and your needs list. It’s also our desire to establish compatibility with respect to our collective expectations including project scope, budget and timeline expectations.
After being presented with design directions, an idea of timeline, potential project budget and feasibility, we ask that you take time to discuss the ideas presented. We invite you to call with any further questions that may aid in your decision making process.
  1. When a go-ahead is received from you, we initiate the design process in earnest.
  2. A Design Meeting will be scheduled with our client; matching up the correct skill set requirement with ‘On-Contract’ Architectural & Design firms.
The Design Session is entirely about working through the design details of on your new home construction project. Once again Home Innovations listens, and then the architectural and design firms will create conceptual drawings. The final step in the design process involves coming to a final project cost and complete contract proposal.
  1. This stage once again will be at your existing home and will involve both Home Innovations along with a contracted Architectural and/or design firm.
  2. Depending on your project and how complicated, this stage may well take several meetings, emails, and plan revisions to interpret your dreams and wishes; however once the plan is complete the project is now ready for implementation!
  3. We’ll give your drawings to each trade and supplier and get estimates. We come up with a final price and present it to you.
  4. Once the design plan is complete, the final step in the Design Stage is providing a contract.
  5. Upon client approval, the contract is then endorsed, a project deposit is invoiced; at which point we’ll schedule the start date.
  1. Home Innovations meets with each trade and supplier to determine timeline involved for their particular segment of the project.
  2. We then compile a detailed project schedule; in most cases this document is made available several weeks prior to the project’s start date to the homeowner as well as every single supplier and trade.
  3. Home Innovations is then responsible that each and every segment is implemented on time. One of the truly remarkable trademark points of Home Innovations Process is that each project we accept meets the scheduled final walk-through date. (If you want to make changes and additions, we are more than happy to accommodate! That’s usually what will affect the move-in date, if at all).
  1. During this stage in the new home construction process, Home Innovations Interior Designer/Selection Coordinator will meet with you during the time frame between contract approval and actual project start date in order to complete all product and material selections.
  2. This segment fondly called the ‘shopping stage’ is enjoyable because of the unique level of service provided by our in-house design specialist. Each client is escorted to all Home Innovations vendors & suppliers (if that is your wish) for each item impacted by the remodel, including color & paint selections, millwork & custom built-ins, fireplace selections, flooring, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, counter tops, balusters, etc.
  3. As could be expected the ‘shopping stage’ is time-sensitive, simply because the project cannot begin without the ‘critical-path’ items chosen on time. (For example, we cannot begin the framing stage without the window selections and sizes made on time).
  4. For that reason, we have developed a timeline and product selections document that will be given to you and Selections Coordinator in order to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.
  1. At this stage, a meeting is scheduled with Home Innovations and the first wave of trades that are about to begin. This meeting is held to convey any last minute information or requests that you, the homeowner, have asked for.
  2. Once blueprint confirmations are in order, we get a building permit; the new home construction stage is now ready to begin!