Our process for building or remodeling your home...

Home Innovations' simple, no frills process for getting you from A to Z in both the new home construction and home remodel process is perfect for someone who is looking to work with a home contractor who treats their clients like family, while also working with a professionalism toward the end product that rivals top construction companies.

Having your home remodeled, or building your dream home, can be filled with headaches around every corner. When you work with Home Innovations, we go to bat for you in everything from scheduling to itemized management of your funds so you can maximize your “bang for your buck.”

We don’t guarantee it will be headache free, but we like to bring the Tylenol to the table when working with you — minimizing the headaches involved with home remodeling or building your dream home.


A few things you should know about us before we get started:

We aim for timeliness.

Once the project parameters are set, we shoot to finish on time. Changes will come up and that happens from time to time, but we aim to hit our deadlines to the best of our ability.

We treat you like family.

We will help you any way that we can when it comes to your new or newly remodeled home.

We don’t cut corners.

What you see is what you get with Home Innovations. We will keep you in the loop on your custom home project, and we’ll be honest with you every step of the way.


We have two different processes we use based on the type of work you need:

New Home Process — are you building a new home? This is the process we use to do take your home ideas and build them into your dream home.

Remodel Process — are you wanting to spruce up your home (think kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel), add an addition, or create a special yet functional room? This is the process we use for all of our home remodel projects.