Home Innovations is a full-service, home-needs contractor.

We want people to use us and stay with us throughout the life of their home needs. So we have built a team of people that can provide all service options surrounding your home needs. From the small things (like painting a room) to the big things (like building a new home), when you call us we can direct you to a knowledgeable expert for small jobs, or you can work with us on your larger home remodel or construction needs.


  • Design
  • New Home Construction
  • Home Additions
  • Home Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Interior Finishes
  • From gutting a kitchen/house/bath to just adding a few new touches to give it an update. Or even using partial old cabinets and adding a few new to give the update.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
We service the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and surrounding cities of Jenks, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Bixby, Glenpool, and Owasso.


Chad McCutchen had worked in the commercial construction business for over a decade. He built churches, schools, and even an upscale retirement community—complete with assisted living and a clinical hospital.

In 2005, Chad left the big city market and took his skills and talents back to his hometown of Tulsa where he began working on new construction houses in the high-end residential market. But when the housing bubble hit, he began to focus on working directly with homeowners to bring their home dreams to life.

And that’s how Home Innovations got its start.


Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chad graduated from Jenks High School and went on to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years. Upon earning his bachelor's degree in Construction Management from John Brown University in 1996, he went on to work as a commercial superintendent in Dallas for seven years. Chad then returned to to his home town to work in new construction for Dayspring Homes for four years before deciding to start Home Innovations.

Chad’s background makes him over-qualified to do the job he is doing.

Chad has a full understanding of what it takes to build something to meet or exceed proper codes and procedures, not to mention expectations.

One of his more apparent gifts is his scheduling ability. He knows how to schedule contractors to maximize the work that gets done for a client each day and make their home project move along much quicker than most builders in the industry. All of this is because of his commercial background and working with preset and strict deadlines.

Because of his scheduling ability, Home Innovations has a great reputation with timeliness. We strive to work with you to get your project completed in a timely manner.

Chad also brings the professionalism he used while working on multi-million dollar accounts—producing a thorough process, enabling Home Innovations to stay organized and keep track of where and how all project money is spent. He prides himself on checking every bill that comes in, making sure it is right and fair for his clients. If it isn’t, he goes to bat for his clients and fights for the right price—then extending that discount to his clients.

If you’ve never been through a new building or remodeling process, it is important to choose someone who is honest, walks in integrity with strong moral character, who knows what he/she is doing and keeps your best interests in mind. A person like this is rare to find in the home construction industry.

If you have been through a building project before, then you can recognize quality when you see it. You’ll get the real deal when working with Chad McCutchen and Home Innovations on your next project.

Chad is not your average, everyday builder/remodeler. If you’d like to connect with Chad personally, please feel free to give him a call at 918-280-9655.


Nikki is Chad’s beautiful and talented wife! One of the most unique and outstanding parts of Home Innovations is that Chad and Nikki work side by side in bringing your home dreams to life. Nikki, of course, brings the much-needed “female touch” to your home project. Nikki is a deal hunter at heart, finding her clients the best deals possible. She’s great at helping you find furnishings, decorations, colors, and design pieces to fit in your home (and your budget) that you absolutely love.

Nikki loves to help homeowners discover their home décor style.

In her own words, Nikki says, “I’m willing to work with a client as much or as little as they want me too. If they want me to go do all the shopping because they are too busy, I can text them pictures of things I think they will like (lighting, vanities, mirrors etc.). I can put together flooring selects of things I think they will like before they get to the store so it’s not so overwhelming. I can go with them to give them a second set of eyes as they try to find what they like.”

This sets her apart as she walks her clients through the “shopping stages” and helps them find things they will absolutely love for their home. “I don’t just stop at the ‘necessities’ for building out your job. If I see lamp shades that will look better on a light you picked out, then I will text or send you a picture to see if you like the shades better too. Then, I’ll tell you where to go look at them so you can decide. Or, if you love it from the pictures, then I will get it for you!”

Nikki really tries to go above and beyond just meeting the immediate needs of the project, turning your project into a dream come true.